2009 Audi eOra & eSpira Concept Designs

Posted on January 9, 2011


Last year, we presented the futuristic concept vehicles from LA Design Challenge 2008. Its the same time around for the LA Design Challenge 2009. Presented at the LA Design Challenge 2009, the Audi eOra and eSpira concepts are two futuristic vehicles focused on freedom and agility that can be controlled through small body movements.

The Audi eSpira is a technological tour de force that stirs the imagination. An Audi in its most uncompromised form, the eSpira functions as an extension of the body and its senses.

The Audi eOra is an accessible representation of freedom and coming of age for the young (and young at heart).  It is a sports vehicle that shares the same control logic as the eSpira.  Extremely dynamic and efficient, the Audi eOra has a small footprint and unmatched agility.

Wallpapers (click to enlarge):

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