Porsche Panamera (by Caractere Exclusive)

Posted on November 19, 2010


Porsche Panamera by Caractere Exclusive 19.11.2010

The Belgian performance tuner Caractère Exclusive is joining forces with the performance electronics engineer Dynatek to showcase the new programme for the Porsche Panamera.

Specialising in restyling the vehicles in the VAG Group, the performance tuner Caractère wanted to put its own mark on the Porsche “family estate car”. Caractère has therefore created a new upmarket product line with the name Caractère Exclusive.

The aerodynamic equipment is composed of a front bumper complete with integrated lights. This bumper is compatible with all the options offered by Porsche.

The sides are provided with a set of skirts that accentuate the sports nature of the car.

At the rear, Caractère Exclusive is adding a second spoiler as well as a bumper into which air scoops are inserted.

As regards engine power, the original performances have been improved. To do this, Caractère Exclusive has involved the engineers at Dynatek, a company well-known and recognised in the world of performance tuners and chiptuners.

Thus the dyno test was able to show a power increase from an original 500 PS to 605 PS and torque from an original 700 Nm to 840 Nm. To achieve such performances, in addition to performance tuning the engine, Dynatek has replaced the two original catalytic converters with two 200-cell sports catalytic converters, and the original exhaust line with an approved AKRAPOVIC line.

With regard to the wheels, wide is the choice for tyres as Caractère Exclusive is offering CW1 Graphite or Silver rims 9.5×22″ at the front and 11×22” at the rear.

These rims are also available in the same widths in 21″. The vehicle is fitted with Yokohama, 265/30R22 at the front and 295/25R22 at the rear.

For the interior trims Caractère Exclusive is offering a set of carbon mouldings in various colours and different finishes.

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Source: Caractere via worldcarfans