Audi Q7 (Project Kahn)

Posted on November 6, 2010


Do you remember the Range Rover Sport Supercharged RS600 unveiled at the beginning of the year? Project Kahn was able to take the luxury SUV to an incredible 600hp all while making some exquisite exterior and interior changes. Their newest project, an Audi Q7 SUV, may not promise the same power boost – or any for that matter – as the Range Rover, but it did borrow those inspirational looks from its brethren to get the same heart-pumping results.

At first glance, you can immediately notice the Pearl Soft White Paint and the 22″ KAHN RS-X Wheels. Upon closer inspection, Project Kahn’s changes materialize in the form of a KAHN wide arched body kit including vented front wings, as well as the KAHN welcome lights and panoramic glass roof. Go inside the vehicle and Kahn’s quilted leather interior with red stitching jumps out at you like a beautiful girl out of a giant birthday cake. The red accent color joins a subdued cream color in the Kahn red and white speedometer and rev counter, as well as in the dials of the car.

When unveiling the package for the Q7, CEO of Project Kahn, Afzal Kahn, said: “Customizing your existing car, is a great alternative, cost effective way for owners to upgrade”. The price for the kit is £12,000 (around $19,000 at the current exchange rates). We don’t exactly know how cost effective these changes are, but the end result sure is worth it.

Pictures (click to enlarge):